How to lock a page unless it is registered

Hi there. I have read through the section on creating a Trial
publication and attempted to follow it but maybe I don’t quite understand.

What I am attempting to do is create a TRIAL publication
where only 2 pages are accessible during the trial. These 2 pages should have
full access to links and downloads. The trial period should never end. I don’t mind
adding an end date if required, I would just make it 99 years in the future or

THEN, I want all other pages to be blocked from viewing if
they click on a link. But instead of blocking the page entirely I would like
the link to be redirected to a page that tells the user they must register to
access this page. I have a Registration in the publication page that gives them
details on how to do this, and this page is not blocked or restricted in any

I’ve created 2 Security profiles:

Default - this has no restrictions

Registered - all options to restrict are selected except
the option to lock the page.


In File Manager > File Properties:

  • for the 2 pages - security profile is set to Default
  • for all other pages - security profile is set to Registered

Here are the results when I run the publication:

For Unregistered - all pages are accessible, including
those pages I want blocked/redirected until registered.  It is partially good news in that the pages
can’t be copied but the content and links are still available.

After Registration - all pages are still accessible and even
those pages that should be allowed to copy are not allowed. I was at least
expecting this to allow access to the page along with copy, etc.

I do apologize because it is a bit confusing for me.

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We have a video tutorial that shows you what you want to achieve. I think this will perfectly answer: