How to make the codeigniter mvc run with exeoutput?

SInce we give the absolute path in the codeigniter mvc config file like http://localhost/../…, and when compiled with exeoutput and sent to other system, its not loading completely because of base_url is mismatching and not found in that system. How to correct this?

The program works with http://heserver/ or ghe://heserver/

Please explain. Say my base_url is http://localhost/productionhk_2/, what i have to change now?

Replace “localhost” with “heserver”

This is one of the Basics to know how exeoutput works.
You can find this in the Documentation of ExeOutPut

Hello, is there any additional settings needed? I got this message
Error -105 when loading url http://heserver/productionhk_2/register/register_new

We tested codeigniter with the new ExeOutput 2 and it seems to work. Now this doesn’t mean that your project will work too, but version 2 offers greater compatibility with PHP frameworks in general.

ok, so please tell me where and all i have to use that heserver path.