How to password protect pages

Thank you it has worked I have managed to protect my pages but the problem now is that the password is not echoed . How can I make the password echoed because I don’t want other people to see my password as I type it in.

Follow the tutorial at
And to avoid password caching, just comment this line:

if not Result then SetGlobalVar("CachePassword1", S, True);

(add // at the beginning).

Hie I have a number of pages in my publication which I want to protect by making use of a password. I have gone through the main demonstration example in the Html exe but it seems it doesn’t protect the pages that I want . Also I would then like the password to be echoed and also not to be cached as what the demonstration example seems to be doing.I would like the user to enter the password everytime he/she wants to access the pages.

Please help with script

Add an “*” to the query parameter like this:

S := InputBox("*Password protected page"#13#10"This page is password protected; please enter the password in order to continue", "Security", "");

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