How to play videos in ebook using html5

Hello GDG Soft, I tried html executable software. Actually i would like to make a secure ebook which will contain many videos of mp4. mp4 videos are supported by html5 only. but when i make ebook, it does not play any video. Kindly make a video on youtube and in your main website so that we can easily use your software. Kindly make video on this topic and other topics also… Thanks GDG soft.

How are embedded your video in your HTML5 page? With the video tag?

Yes. i used video tag.
Still unable to play videos. operating system: 8
Internet explorer:10
making edition: IE Viewer

Could you start the HTML Executable Help, then go here:

Do you see the video?

Thanks GDG soft.
I am able to play mp4 videos using video tag in Laptop with Windows7 IE9… successfully, but same publication is not working in Windows 8 IE10, it showing error: Unsupported video type or invalid file path.
Kindly help me in solving this issue.

Is the built-in server enabled in your publication? See this:

Hello gdg,

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