How to remove default (odd) behaviour from a program?


Just created my first program with ExeOutput 2019.1 and noticed unwanted behaviour:
If a file say jpg file is dragged over the program window the image is now put in the program as background image! And if I drag PhotoShop image it will give me “Save as” requester!

The default chromium behaviours should be disabled by default.

So how to disable these unwanted behaviours now?

There will be a new parameter (DisableDragDrop) in the incoming ExeOutput 2020 to disable the drag/drop behavior of Chromium.

Hi, that is good news.

When it will be released?

Is it possible to try out 2020.0 beta?

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There is a pre-release available for some testers while we’re updating the doc. See your PM.

Hi. Thanks for the pre-release!

The fix disables the odd behaviour, but at the same time hinders normal html drag and drop functions so it would be very nice to have an additional alternative mechanism to prevent Chromium default behaviour by overriding the defaults example by preventDefault() Event Method.

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See the PM.