How to run "GetManualHardwareID" (SOLVED)


Iam trying to run the command "GetManualHardwareID"
for some reason i cant get it too work

Can you please post an example on how to return this value?
Iam using PHP

Thx allot

In Application Settings => Scripting, double-click on UserMain and add:

function GetMyHDSerial: String;
 Result := GetManualHardwareID(0);   
 // Add here anything you want to customize the result.

Then you can call this HEScript function from your PHP/JavaScript code, as explained here:
or here:

[quote=“janvier123”]nevermind, got it working :wink:
ty anyway[/quote]


Could you help me?

I dont know how to read hardware id from my php script.

You resolved this problem, could you share piece of code?

dont have the code anymore, i didnt use it

nevermind, got it working :wink:
ty anyway

Thank you very much gddsupport.

janvier123 you are very selfish, if you tried to resolve it and you resolved it, i don’t believe that you are not remember 2 lines of code, or use it when you needed it :wink:
You should patent this two lines of code, maybe you will earn some milion $ in near future.

Please post your HEScript code and PHP code. GetManualHardwareID should be called with script in HEScript.