HTML Executable 2018

Please when are we expecting to finally see the release, we have been waiting for long!!! :slight_smile:

There will be a Beta release first. We made a lot of changes, and this requires intensive testing. Beta will be public and accessible on this forum.

hmm…i really hope its worth the wait

You can see what we already added to ExeOutput 2018. It uses the same Chromium engine as in the incoming HTMLEXE 2018.

Looks great. However are you all removing the USB hardware lock feature, web update and other security features in HTMLEXE 2018? Just asking as I didn’t see these features in EXEOUTPUT…I hope this isn’t the case as these features are paramount to the greatness of HTMLEXE.

Of course, no. These features are still in HTMLEXE 2018. We basically replaced the old HTML Viewer engine by the new Chromium engine. SFX publications are also dropped because we’ll still keep HTMLEXE 4.9 available for download. HTMLEXE 4.9 and 2018 can be set up on the same computer.

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Good to know, but I have a few question,

  1. If you replaced the old HTML Viewer engine with the new Chromium engine. can the file out still be separated into .exe, and .hedata? This is very important since the .exe file becomes small and run faster because that is not the case with ExeOutput 2018

  2. Flash content still remain smaller than HTML 5 content, can the Chromium engine come with an inbuilt flash plugin for the Chromium engine if flash is enebled?

  3. Can we get an estimated release date?

Thank you

In ExeOutput 2018, EXE starts slower because the Chromium engine is fat. We must first unpack all required resources. It will be the same in HTMLEXE 2018 if you decide to merge the runtime module files into the EXE.

We hope so. We’re still studying the legality of this.

Not sure what to answer. Each time we give an estimated date, we’re unable to achieve that. Like someone said, “soon”. Anyway, it will be in the beginning of 2018.

Thank you for the update, does it mean if we don’t merge the runtime with EXE. it will run faster? and will .hedata not apply when Chromium engine is used?

It will also be nice if there is no legality issue on this or leave it to the us to request permission from Adobe, as we have also sought for it.

That will be awesome, We have waited 2 years for this and we look forward. I will also suggest you create an insider program for all your application for early review and suggestions. God’s speed

Hi GDGSoft,

I’m feeling a bit jealous! Everybody else is getting updates to 2018 versions of their software except HTMLEXE fans!

I have several high impact publications ready just waiting for the new version. Do you have an ETA yet?

Please make sure we can still separate the publication data and EXE file in HTMLEXE 2018 too.


Looking forward to hear from you.


As said earlier, HTMLEXE 2018 is the next major release of our software list, so it will come as promised. No date is available, we won’t publish one now to say the contrary later.

HTML Executable 2018? Where is it and when is it out.? the wait has been too long. Can please share new info and date so that we can plan our product release. Thanks

Same answer as before. When we are ready for the Beta, we’ll post an announcement.

Any update

Same answer, sorry. We met a problem during our internal tests and delayed the initial release date.

Hi @gdgsupport

keep up the good work. We’re looking forward to HTMLEXE 2018. I’m so excited to see what you have made for us.

IE (in Windows 7 and 8.1 not 10) is performing worse than ever in the area of HTML5 and Flash support and the only solution to that is your Chromium engine. I’m really glad you came up with this idea way before IE became so problematic.

Thanks a lot