HTML Executable 2021 Beta 1 available for testing

After years of work, we are pleased to offer you the first public Beta release of our flagship HTML Executable version 2021. The biggest new features are the integration of the Chromium engine, improved performance and a redesigned user interface for your ebooks.

:point_right: Download Version 2021 BETA

This is the installer for version 2021 BETA 1.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta release. Some features such as the documentation are not ready. Bugs may exist. Use this Beta version with care, make regular backups of your projects and source files. Please report any problem to G.D.G. Software. Thank you.

:fire: Warning: if you have a previous version of HTML Executable (even 4.x), it will be upgraded to version 2021.

HTML Executable 2021 can import projects made with previous 4.x versions. However, some issues may occur: please refer to the Readme.

The licensing system works and thus, if you are a customer with an active maintenance, you can activate this Beta and produce EXE files with no limitations. Otherwise, HTML Executable 2021 will work in the trial state as explained in the Store page.

HTML Executable 2021 is an important major release with improvements in all areas.

Read more about this new release at the dedicated webpage


Dear developers!
Thanks for your hard work.
Is it possible to use localization files from version 4.95 (in whole or in part) in version 2021?
Or make completely new ones?

Yes, they are compatible. But there are some new resource strings to be manually added. You can use a text compare software to find out the new resource strings. Use the English.hel in the HTML Executable folder as the reference.

Nice. I was really looking forward for the new rendering engine.

Before installing the beta I have a few questions though…

Is it possible to install the beta 2021 along with the latest stable release? I would like to keep using the stable version for some projects, and experiment the beta with others.

In case I need to upgrade, should I just install the beta over the stable version (i.e. without uninstalling it first)? And if I later need to downgrade back to the stable release?

Are there any problems if I end up installing and registering between stable and beta multiple times? (i.e. registration-wise) or can I just experiment freely with the beta and revert to stable whenever I need to (i.e. assuming they can’t both coexist on a same machine).


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Very good software.
When will it incorporate it “CEF (chromium v87) with old flash support “ in Rendering Engine?
Packages are missing for chromium v87.
Thank you.

Unfortunately no.

Yes, the installer will automatically upgrade your old version. To downgrade, just uninstall the Beta and install the old 4.9 version.

As long as you activate on the same machine, there is no restriction for activating your license both the beta or old release.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Yes, I’m currently using HTMLExe on a single PC. Good to know that I can switch back and forth between stable and beta, in case I need to handle older project which I’m not ready to migrate.

One final question, I’m assuming that the new beta also supports the IE engine, along with Chromium/CEF, i.e. that I can choose which engine to use for each project, or even create dual versions of an eBook (IE and CEF). The announcement page mentions that you can choose the browser engine, but it doesn’t explicitly state that IE is still supported, so I wanted to make sure, since many of my current projects were designed not to use HTML5 features, so I might wait to migrate them until the Edge engine is available.

Thank you!
We just made the CEF files with old flash support available. Choose File / Check for Updates in HTML Executable. The Web Update tool will be started: tick “CEF V87 with Flash support for HTML Executable” in the list and install the package.
Then, in HTML Executable, choose:
If you build the EXE and start it, it will not work because you must have a copy of the Flash Player. We do not distribute the Flash Player ourselves because of licensing issues.
For users who still have the Flash Player for Chrome on their (old) computers, look for the file named pepflashplayer32_32_0_0_238.dll and place a copy of that file in the same folder as the EXE file made with HTML Executable.
Then, start the EXE and your ebook app will be able to play Flash movies.

Our goal is to integrate the Edge/Chromium engine in addition to the stand-alone Chromium/CEF engine. The Edge/Chromium engine has its files available in a common Microsoft package at
Moreover, Windows 11 will come with the files already available. Similarly to the old Trident engine that was shipped with previous Windows releases.
You don’t have to convert your websites to HTML5 in order to use HTML Executable 2021. Old websites are still handled by the current Chromium engine.