HTML Executable 2021 Beta 1 security - SOLVED

Pictures in my publication can be dragged out and dropped in explorer.
Is this a bug ?

B.t.w. I really mis ‘content filetypes’ for Excell and some other files.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Try this option if it helps:

B.t.w. I really mis ‘content filetypes’ for Excell and some other files.

Can you explain why?

Disable drag and drop, still does not prevent pictures taken out of de program. :frowning:

In 4.9.5 links to Excell and Word files open directly the file in Excell or Word. Perfect !

Now the linked file has to be saved first.



Yes, we found the culprit and it is fixed in the incoming Beta 2.
We added an option to open some pre-defined extensions such as XLSX or DOCX into their respective viewer apps.
Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you,

hopefully beta 2 will be available soon.

Another problem found.

Search does not work. It keeps ‘preparing search index’.

But nothing happens.

Maby you can fix this also in beta 2.




How large are your source files? We fixed a problem with very large search indexes in Beta 2.

At this moment 910 source files.

Chm, for now, is about 70mb.

It wil be more in the near future.

Please when will Beta 2 be available?

Will be released tomorrow :wink:

Yes!!!, this is great news :man_dancing:

Is BETA 2 still coming out today?

No, still a problem to solve and it will be published asap.

Beta 2 available today. Drag/drop is fixed.
And there is a new setting to open Excel and other Office files directly:

  • AutoOpenExtensions works great.
  • DisableDragDrop, still doesn’t work.

  • Search, gives only ‘Preparing search index, please wait…’

Log file was send from inside program Beta 2, because of errors ‘Application Settings - Components’ while editing ‘bars’.

We found a solution for DisableDragDrop, but can you share your EXE file with us for the Search problem? If yes, you can zip it and upload it to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

Send to [email protected]

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