HTML Executable 2022 Beta 3 available - February 10th, 2022

The third public Beta release of our flagship HTML Executable version 2022 is available. The biggest new features are the integration of the Chromium engine, improved performance and a redesigned user interface for your ebooks.

:point_right: Download Version 2022 BETA 2

This is the installer for version 2022 BETA 3.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta release. Some features such as the documentation are not ready. Bugs may exist. Use this Beta version with care, make regular backups of your projects and source files. Please report any problem to G.D.G. Software. Thank you.

:fire: Warning: if you have a previous version of HTML Executable (even 4.x), it will be upgraded to version 2022.

HTML Executable 2022 can import projects made with previous 4.x versions. However, some issues may occur: please refer to the Readme.

The licensing system works and thus, if you are a customer with an active maintenance, you can activate this Beta and produce EXE files with no limitations. Otherwise, HTML Executable 2022 will work in the trial state as explained in the Store page.

HTML Executable 2022 is an important major release with improvements in all areas.

Read more about this new release at the dedicated webpage

can’t download, keeps giving network error…perhaps a download from an alternative server