HTML Executable 2023 Beta 2b available (October 13th, 2023)

The second public Beta release of our latest HTML Executable version 2023 is now available. The most significant update in this release is the incorporation of Microsoft WebView2 as another HTML rendering engine, promising to deliver unparalleled performance and a smaller size for your ebooks compared to the stand-alone CEF engine.

:point_right: Download Version 2023 BETA 2b

This is the installer for version 2023 BETA 2, the second and final Beta before the final release, released on October 13th, 2023.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta release. All features are now functional and this is the last Beta before the final release. Bugs might exist. Use this Beta version with care: make regular backups of your projects and source files. Please report any problem to G.D.G. Software. Thank you.

Please also note that Microsoft discontinued WebView2 support for Windows 7, so if you want to make applications or ebooks for Windows 7, use the CEF engine as the HTML rendering engine. The counterpart is that the EXE file will be larger.

:fire: Warning: if you have a previous version of HTML Executable (2022, 2021 or 4.x), it will be upgraded to version 2023.

HTML Executable 2023 can import projects made with previous versions, including 4.x and 2022. However, some issues may occur due to the extensive internal changes in this release: please refer to the Readme for guidance.

The licensing system is operational. Therefore, if you are a customer with an active maintenance, you can activate this Beta and produce EXE files with no limitations. For those whose maintenance ended after the last update, we’ve automatically extended it at no cost to you. If you’re not covered by maintenance, HTML Executable 2023 will operate in the trial state as explained in the Store page.

HTML Executable 2023 is a major release that significantly enhances the software’s capabilities in all areas. We’ve chosen to keep this version in beta a bit longer due to the significant internal changes brought about by the introduction of WebView2. We’re committed to delivering a flawless product and want to iron out any potential issues before releasing the final version later this year.

Read more about this new release on the dedicated webpage


Breakthrough! Thanks! Some issue I have found: search for pages that are blocked for current certificate must be disabled. Or it exposes information which restricted for current certificate (license).

Can you please explain more? I don’t understand the issue.

Sure. For example, some page is set to Default profile and shouldn’t be available if selected from Table of Content, here are the settings:
Indeed, instead of protected page users can see another page with different information (how to buy in that case).
But, in compiled publication, using Search button, I can easily try to search something which presents in the protected page and search results will expose information from the protected page, at least partially.

And I’ve just found another big issue, both for WebView and CEF: external encrypted files (e.g., pictures and mp3) are not decrypted properly I guess, all pages utilizing these files looks like files are broken/unavailable. No external pictures, no mp3, etc. Beta1 was working properly with that.

@gdgsupport Did you manage to reproduce these bugs?

Yes, I understand: since the new search feature shows context, it’s indeed possible to expose some partial information from the protected pages UNLESS they are excluded from search. It’s a limitation and we’ll have to find a workaround in the future. Right now, you’ll have to keep protected pages excluded from search in Trial publications.

We are investigating, thanks!

Beta 2b available with all recently reported bugs fixed. Thank you all for your feedback!

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Another small issue:

If I try to customize OnNavigateComplete procedure in UserMain script with invocation NavigateCommand(7) or NavigateCommand(6) on publication startup to change zoom after page has been loaded, it works for WebView only and doesn’t work for CEF unfortunately.

For CEF, if I manually try to change zoom using interface buttons, it gets that zoom was changed from the first place, and increases/decreases zoom setting changed from OnNavigateComplete procedure during publication start. In order to do zoom change only once I use a global variable as a flag.

Weird, that the scenario works perfectly for WebView only.

Thanks for the report. We’ll investigate.

Probably it’s related issue for CEF as well. When app is registered, this code in UserMain script doesn’t hide a TOC item:

function ShowItIfTrial: Boolean;
// Returns True to show the TOC item if HEPubRegistered is set to 0 (Unregistered)
Result := GetGlobalVar(“HEPubRegistered”, “0”) = “0”;

For the item, Visibility HEScript Function setting is set to UserMain.ShowItIfTrial

Do you have any estimations for release?

The new version is out! :grinning:

To fix the TOC issue, in the UserMain script in HTMLEXE 2024, you must insert:

procedure OnDisplayWindow(WindowName: String);
// When a window is going to be displayed (including main and secondary windows).

This will refresh the TOC based on whether the publication is registered or not.

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