HTML Executable 2024.1 available - February 8th, 2024

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of HTML Executable version 2024.1. This update to our HTML To EXE Compiler introduces new features and enhancements:

  • Added:Dark mode support for dialog HTML pages.
  • Added: Copy/paste context menu is now available for fields in dialog HTML pages (allowing you to paste the registration key, for example).
  • Fixed: An issue preventing users (without the no branding option) from compiling due to a customized About dialog box.
  • Fixed: An issue where a blank white page would appear during software initialization when using the Web2view engine with dark mode or a dark skin.
  • The default background color of the skin is now displayed instead.
  • Fixed: A random issue with the Browse Sequence.
  • Updated: PDF viewer engine.
  • Minor improvements.

:point_right: We encourage all users to download and start using the new version today of HTML Executable. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

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My bad, seems to be connection issue. Changed to another country and all good… Silly me :slight_smile:

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Well, after the first silly comment maybe I can give some real feedback :slight_smile:

Everything is looking good.

The startup colors are good, no more flashes of white screen.

The dialog boxes seem to better match the user’s desktop light / dark settings. Did not have to modify with bootstrap 5 code to match user’s prefs. Looks like this with dark desktop:

The skin light/dark is working great too:

Now if the skin editor was available would be great.

Great job, you guys’ rock.

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