HTML Executable version 2023 Beta 2

Looking pretty good!

Have issue to show after making screen size 125% (seems ok on in 100%). Since there are no scrollbars, have to resize window to use software:

Maybe this is intended behavior, but thought would show what I see:)

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Indeed, scrollbars would be helpful if you don’t want to resize the window. This will be fixed for next release. Thanks for the feedback!

All I did was install and open. Needed to see better and set screen to 125%. Did not manually resize GUI.

“Thanks for the feedback!”

My pleasure!

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On my screen with 125% zoom, this is another shot:

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Another issue encountered when using update utility:


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Thanks. The font scaling problems will be fixed in next update.
For the Web Update, it’s normal, it’s not ready. And we have to update CHM2Exe too to handle the new toolbar in SVG format.