HTML5 Audio and Video tag not supported in Chromium

I’ve tested HTML5 Audio and Video tag in Trident engine, both works.
But same HTML5 Audio and Video tag does not work in Chromium engine.
It will appear “Your browser does not support the audio element” error message.
Does anyone know how to solve the issue?

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) version in ExeOutput is 1.1180.832. This version does not suppot HTML5 audio and video. You can read about it on the CEF release notes wiki page.

when will exeoutput update its CEF?

Annoucement will be made soon. Next version will include CEF3 if testing is OK.

Running 1.7 and having issues with HTMLVideo. Need to use Chromium.

Has this issue been resolved?

Before I go deep into troubleshooting like to know if 1.7 and Chromium are up to par. Hate to spin wheels if not supported.