HTMLEXE Manual activation not working on HTMLExe published ebook

I have purchased the HTML Executable Activation Kit and its been working fine with HTMLExe. We updated the HTMLexe to 2022 and the ebooks we publish using the new version of html2022 can not be activated manually (offline). What happens when someone activates manually as the ebooks can only be activated Online at this moment.

Can you describe the problem you’re getting?

Hi, it just says error contact the author,
Which variables are need to get an manual activation? is it the certificate+name?

What variables are you writing about?

When you working in the adheak for manual activation. Because when we try and create a manual activation for the ebook it always fails (wrong code). doesnt work.

And if you create the manual registration key in HTML Executable directly, does it work?
Are you using short or long keys in your project?

Yes, even if we create manual keys. We use short keys.

You should then switch to long keys or to HTML Executable 2022 Beta.

So it does not support short keys, and yes I am using HTML Executable Beta 4

The HEAK does not handle the short key option from HTML Executable Beta 4 yet

Hi, do you know when it (HTML Executable Beta4) will be able to handle short keys manual activation???

The Beta4 itself handles short keys. It’s the HEAK (activation kit) that does not. Our plans include a full rewrite of the HEAK.

Good day, when will the new HEAK be released?

With the release of the final HTML Executable.

Any ETA on it?