Incompatibility with the latest Excel build? - SOLVED

Hi Support,

I have a customer with the latest Excel build version 15028.20228 released on the 20/04/2022 having problems to open my workbook - customer reports he chooses one of the three options such as “Original Workbook” and nothing happens. Can you please check if in fact there is a problem related to the latest Excel version?


15028.20228 is not the latest one. Ask your customer to update to latest 16.0.15128.20178. Microsoft seems to have fixed some issues with add-ins.

Hi Support,

Any incompatibility issues with the version below?

User cannot open his EXE file, see photos of the errors.


I’ve noticed this too on one of my PCs (though it works on another). The PC it works on is 32 bit office, the one it doesn’t is 64 bit office (both up to date versions). We’re using a version of XLS Padlock about a year old (i.e. we haven’t updated to 2022 yet). Is there a requirement to do so to work with the latest versions of Excel?

Version numbers of excel 2207 (build 15427.20210)

Verify that the Excel is correctly licensed and the license is active. The icon shows a problem:
And, for some reason, an unlicensed Excel will refuse to open workbooks invoked with API calls made by XLS Padlock at runtime.

Normally, no. But maybe your Excel isn’t correctly set up into the registry and this leads to the error “Excel is missing”. Try an Office repair with the installer.

Ah, thank you. The office 365 quick repair did the job. Now you mention it, I’ve just remembered I recently installed a copy of Excel 2003 on the same machine as my Office 365 installation - that must have messed things up. Working fine now.

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