Installer Icon has changed - Edit package resources

Great work on 3.2! While rebuilding some of our installers in the new version, I found that the Package Icon - the icon you can customize to appear at the top-right in the Install Wizard, is messed up somehow. Where we previously specified a custom .ICO file and it displayed correctly in previous versions, it now appears with colours inverted, or the icon is shifted left or right or is not the correct size. Here are some examples:

I have tried creating new icons, creating .ICO files that have only a single 32x32 or 48x48 icon of various colour depths - doesn’t seem to matter - it keeps buggering up the display of this icon.

Can you confirm the exact specifications that Paquet Builder 3.2 is expecting for this Package Icon?

Also, I can specify a .ICO file when creating Desktop Icons, but the icon never appears on the Desktop Shortcut - I have to click go into the properties of the Desktop Shortcut, go into ‘Change Icon’ where it then correctly displays the .ICO I entered in the parameters in Paquet and it appears after I click OK. I did see a similar issue reported recently and it was suggested to specify a DLL and icon position. I will try this - just wondering why my custom .ICO files aren’t working where they did in 3.1 and prior. Thanks!

I was having the same problem… although I figured out as an alternative fix to just go with bitmap file of the icon in the 90x58 pixel size instead of checking the box to make a header based on the icon. You can make this choice on the “select interface theme” tab. Perhaps the best way to get you product out until there is a fix?

That worked, and quit well. Thanks for the tip :smile:

I’m unable to reproduce your problem. Could you please attach your buggy .ICO file to this topic?