Interface localization details

Hello dear developers!
I am working on the localization of the HTMEXE interface.
In the messages of some windows, it would be logical and aesthetically pleasing to make a line feed (carriage return, line break).
Attached GDG_Soft Question.png. The desired break point is marked with a red marker.

I tried to use HTML tags - p, div, br, but it didn’t work.
It turns out to be done only with spaces, but this is not entirely correct.
Can I get your opinion on this issue?


To add these line breaks, you can edit the system HTML page directly. It’s just HTML code that can be edited directly into HTML Executable.

Hello dear developers!
Thanks for the reply. I understood the philosophy of solving the problem.
I can fix HTML, but I am a novice HTMLEXE user.
I will be grateful for the help - where to find the HTML file which is responsible,
for example, for an output of a registration window.
Screenshot of the window attached.
Thank you.

Confirm your assumption - should this be done in these files? Or I’m wrong?

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Yes, it’s in these files and in the resource strings for system HTML pages.

Hello, Anharazd
Did you find a solution already? Can you provide a screenshot?

Hello Kasey Bear!
Sorry for delay. In implementing my EBook project, I temporarily switched to ExeOutput for PHP.
The presence of the Chromium browser is very important to me.

I understand the GDG Support recommendation step by step as follows:
Step #1
We are looking for a message that we want to change when displaying.
Example .
Designated in photo # 001.
1 - The variable to which the message is assigned.
2 - Directly the text of the message.

Step #2
Find the Dialog Box that implements the output of the found variable.
Example - variable - YNagSHaveKeyDesc
Dialog Box’s name is Nag Screen.
Attached photo # 002.

Step #3
We find in this DialogBox the place where the variable (YNagSHaveKeyDesc) output.
Attached photo # 003.

Step #4
To get the result we need, we replace the variable with formatted text using HTML tags.

This is how I personally understand the GDG recommendations.
I will try to implement them this way.

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