Invalid uninstall code returned

Hello! After changing my website’s protocol (if that is the word for it) from http to https, this error stared to appear at deactivation attempts: It starts with a long code (probably a deactivation code) then this message: Invalid uninstall code returned. Your request cannot be fulfilled. Please contact the support team.
The deactivation happens, but the Online Activation Kit (OAK) doesn’t add a number to the available registrations (it did before).
The programmer who set up the OAK for me spent 5 hours to check, he didn’t see a problem that could cause this.

Other question: there are messages that would appear on dialog boxes that aren’t stored in the HTML exe project file, but in the OAK files (heactive.php, hedeactiv.php). I tried to change those texts that would be found like throw new fValidationException(“blahblahblah”) and throw new fValidationException(‘blahblahblah’), but the result was bad. When deactivation tried to send the error message I got this error message: “RUNTIME ERROR File library main.hex: No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page when evaluating instruction CallProc…” I guess it is because I changed the text into Hungarian which have accented characters. (UTF-8 character encoding contains them) Is there a way to localize the messages that are sent by the OAK system? Thanks, Gabor

Could you send us your modified hedeactiv.php file with the Hungarian characters? And could you take a screenshot of the error:


I attached the screenshot (external, settings don’t let screen capture happen! :blush:)

And here is the link for the php files:

Another question: if localization can happen, can I localize these lines also?:

die('Could not connect: ’ . mysql_error());

die(“Error: this script cannot be called directly.”);

and so on with another „die” lines?

Thanks & best regards,


in your PHP files, try to replace quote characters in your strings by ’

Thanks, I’ll do that. Is this the solution for the localization, or for the deactivation error?

Certainly both errors are linked.

OK, gr8, thx!