Is a code signing certificate required if only distribute .exe using dropbox

Please could you advise if I require a code signing certificate if I only intend to distribute my .exe programs using dropbox. Thanks

Yes you do, because as soon as the user downloads the file (from anywhere) or runs it; then Windows will check for the code-signing and show the red warning!

Thank you for your reply. I have a code signing certificate with Sectigo but when I went to renew it they would not let accept my original email address and want me to set up another email address [email protected]. Which will cost me a lot of money just to receive one email from them every 3 years. Are there other code signing companies which I can use?

Comodo is cheapest which is now Sectigo I believe.

You could also just inform your Users to disregard the download warning, and instruct them how to click ‘run anyway’ to continue with the download.

If you want to do more work, you can set yourself up with a CA and code sign your own programs. The client would have to install the CA as a Trusted Publisher in their system and you could be set for a long time.

Thanks for the note concerning the email address. Not that you should need to change your email address - you should be able to do so from your portal with them. My experience with Sectigo is “I wish I had chosen someone else.”
Email them and tell them to use your correct email (either as per application or as per portal). Make sure the request is in the first sentence of the email as anything beyond is unlikely to be read.