Issue of Online Activation email

I’ve inquired about xlspadlock activation Online.

After my end user completes the payment of online activation; they receive an email that the process is on hold without sending Activation code to them till I change the order status manually from the website.

I need a method to allow sending the activation code automatically after they complete the payment…

You can use an Email plugin for WooCommerce to modify the email notification sent to customers in order to include the activation code. That’s what we did for

I’m following the same steps. but the end doesn’t receive the activation code after payment completion. only receiving email telling:

" Your order is on-hold until we confirm payment has been received. Your order details are shown below for your reference:

## Order #985 (July 16, 2020)"

Meanwhile, I received an email telling:
"You have received an order from -----------. The order is as follows"

Accordingly, I have to change the status of the order from Dashboard to “Complet” instead of “On-hold”

I need an Automatic process after payment, the end-user shall receive his activation code & link of the product.
Please advise