Issue with grabbing edges of window to resize


I’ve been running into a problem resizing a compiled exe’s window - at the moment it’s very hit and miss, the margin that allows you to grab the edge of the window is insanely small, something crazy like just 2 or 3 pixels at most, so you often end up missing.

This would certainly be a pretty major work flow issue for my users, as it is for myself.

I’ve tried various skins and some are slightly better than others, but the grab margin is still a bit too small on all of them (even including the interface on exeoutput itself!), none are anywhere near as good as the average window in say outlook express for example where you have a small grip area in the bottom right corner where you can easily grab to resize by width & height with ease.

Are there any settings in the skin editor that would fix the issue? - I understand there are borders that might be related, but with no manual for the skin editor it’s very tricky to figure out how what to adjust to fix the issue.

Has anyone else found this a problem? and does anyone have any experience fixing the issue in the skin editor?

  • might V2 provide a fix?!

Many thanks in advance!

Try to disable skinning for the window itself, maybe this will help.

Yep, that does make the grab margin a little better - I think I’m gonna have to forget about using skins until I can get a better understanding of the editors parameters!

For ExeOutput 2, the grip area in the status bar will be available by default. So this will make easier for users to resize the main window.

Thanks, that’s excellent news - when you say “grip area”, do you mean in the bottom right corner?

I was considering creating a small grip icon for the bottom right corner and creating my own resize function, but will definitely be more practical to have it in the status bar by default.

Yes, it’s the usual bottom right corner in the status bar.