Key Generator PHP SDK help

Any chance that a user guide/demo on how to incorporate the key generator php file into a website will be available soon?


We’re still working on an extended SDK, but it will be released with the update of XLS Padlock.

Can you provide any help or customisation service for this? I found this tool extremely but the activation process is a pain - the user must first send back a ID and then I hae to manually generate the key and send back. The SDK is useful but to people like myself who is interest to run a business and not waste time with programming, this is abit of a pain. I hope you can assist to provide service to program the php file for automatic key generation at our website.

Thank you

We changed our plans for the SDK. Initially, we started it as a plug-in for WordPress, but now, we use our own framework, allowing installation without WordPress. Work is still in progress.

When will you complete your Wordpress plugin? We expect it finished as soon as possible.


As said, it won’t be a wordpress plugin but a stand-alone PHP package.

Hi Team,

I have contacted a developer, he said that I could manage online activation easily if your software supports API. I do not know so much about technical field, so could you explain it for me?


Next XLS Padlock version will be able to send and receive activation data from an online web server. That’s probably what your developer meant.


When will the new version come? Next month or next year (2017)?

In December 2016 if everything goes fine.

Ok. Good!

I have waited this feature for a long time.

Hope everything will be fine.



December has only more three days to go through. When will next version come?


Today v2.4 is available :wink: