Killswitch for nonpayment/breach of contract/subscription cancellation, etc?

Hi All + @gdgsupport,

Is there a way to disable a license prior to the expiration date or days/uses allowed in the event of non-payment of subscription/dues or if someone breaks a contract or something? Just wondering. It would probably have to be some kind of thing that pings against the internet and verifies each time that the license is still ok (or exists). I suppose this could also be built into excel, but I wondered if there was a way to send a cancellation of license through some means.



The sole valid way would be implementing the same mechanism as we do with HTML Executable. It’s called validation:

Wow! That sounds awesome! Does XLS Padlock have validation as HTML Executable does? This is so exciting!



It’s planned but we have to extend first the activation PHP SDK to store user data into databases.

This will be an awesome requirement -any idea when you might include the killswitch in Woocommerce kit support ? The problem is if the software is not anti debugger safe -a hacker can remove the validation thus meaning they will have full access to the product.There must be a way to render it useless via a killswitch like Dan have mentioned.This will apply to a refund or cancelled order/order that have been breached. This will be awesome and the answer to it if this function are available in the software.

I found a good side effect of the code for stopping the workbook from activating when order has not been completed.
If you include these line of code into both functions getactivation and dovalidation, you will no longer have to use the xlspadlock_blocked.

All you have to do to block someone from both activating and validating is sitting relax with you mobile phone with the WooComm app installed and change the order status to whatever different to ‘completed’, then the workbook cannot start. The snippet of code is at below for your cut and paste convenience.

// Check if order completed before passing this check point
$order_status = $order_data[‘status’];
if ( $order_status != ‘completed’ )
$msg = 'The order is '. $order_status . ‘. Cannot proceed.’;
throw new Exception($msg);

Nice one PhuongM so the code is identical on both getactivations and dovalidation.
Can you post a screenshot of where it deny access after your modification. Thank you


Just a question PhuongM -so you dont store activation keys in the registry ?

You can add it anywhere after retrieving the $order_data, see screenshot for my case.
I store the activation keys in the registry, not in an external file.

Just want to keep you updated. I choose to save the *.lic file to the current EXE folder in order to allow users to deactivate the licence by deleting that file. Registry isn’t a really safe place to store the keys with the hope that users couldn’t reset the trial key.

@PhuongM Brilliant!!

PhuongM I tried this killswitch but it doesnt work for me -put the code in after order_data. I only get XLS Padlock block to work -any idea why its not working? I went and change the order status to onhold…it simply open the file ignoring these lines. Weird…see my code

Fixed up ignore -was under activation that’s why!!! like a charm.Now we wait for the silent do validation !!! Trust me when I tell you these errors can be manually taken out by a skilled hacker…thats why a silent option will make it 10 times more tricky!!! Silent is the ONLY way to go


Golfer65, good to hear that the trick works for you.
I fully agree with you that we do need a silent validation, and expect that XLSPadlock will add that feature asap.

PhuongM your killswitch plus the silent one should be more bulletproof together -yes I have requested that and support have mentioned it will be available in the next release PhuongM. I have an android phone -is there an app for woocommerce PhuongM that you know ? Very nice to controll your store when you on the go.

I’m using an iPhone, so I don’t know if there is a WooCom app available for android phones unfortunately.

Is someone here check if the end customer can activate a 100$ product (NOT “completed” status) with a 10$ product real order with “completed” status ?

The WooCommerce Kit doesn’t check whether the order belongs to a given product. It only checks whether there is an order in the database. But it’s possible to extend it with additional checks, like you saw in the forum. That’s why we provide the full PHP source code and encourage customers to make their own modifications.
We’ll certainly offer additional checks in form of comments or options that XLS Padlock users can activate or not depending on what they want.

Because I have no PHP skills, I will ask maybe you or anyone here can publish a PHP code that I can add like I did with the code above :slight_smile:

Or you can wait until we released an enhanced new version of the WooCommerce kit. It will come with XLS Padlock 2018.

Do you have a prediction when this should happen ?

In one or two weeks. We introduced several new features and polishing/testing is required.