Linked excel sheet wont update data - Need help

I have two (2) excel documents in one folder. One excel document (lets call it “A” )has all my main formulas and within document “A” I have many links of data that are updated from the other excel document (lets call it “B”). So, whenever I update the data in the excel document “B” it will update in document “A”.

So, my question and issue is when I convert and protect document “A” with XLS Padlock the data will no longer update from document “B”. The converted document “A” is even in the same folder as document “B”. Any help on what can be done to allow this to continue to update data from another linked excel document?


The problem is that currently XLS Padlock only allows you to protect one XLS file. For your case, you should include both A and B XLS files in the same application.
We’ll keep your case for study and a possible feature in a next release.


With XLS Padlock 1.3.2, you can now compile several workbooks (Companion files) in the same EXE file, so it should work in your case.