Linking to an external workbook

I have a tricky issue that i can’t resolve.

I have a workbook which i intend to compile, however it pulls in info from another workbook called Master.xlsx. I want to be able to edit the info in the Master.xlsx which will then update in the compiled workbook but I don’t want to compile the workbooks together. How do I convert the links below to incorporate the =PLEvalVar(“EXEPath”) functionality, so that my compiled workbook continues to update when the user changes the info in Master.xlsx.

When master.xlsx is closed:
=‘C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Test Folder[Master.xlsx]Sheet1’!$C$1
When master.xlsx is open:

Thanks for any help

I think you’ll have to use VBA to modify the cells that use data from master.xlsx… We’ll see if there is a workaround.