Loading swf that plays mp3 (SOLVED)

I read documentation, content fileType, dependencies,… but I can’t load my swf and I don’t know why.

My setting and path:

  • HTMLEXE 4.1
  • IE viewer
  • index.htm (main file)
  • js/mp3Loop.swf
  • audio/song.mp3

I embed js/mp3Loop.swf in index.htm using jquery.swfobject.1-1-1.min.js and this loads mp3 in audio folder.
The only feedback that I have is that the swf is not loaded.

Online everything works.
Thank you.

What is the JS code that references your Flash object file? To successfully play MP3 files, you should use absolute URLs that begin with the ghe:// protocol. For instance,

Ok, solved!
There was two different problems:

  1. jquery.swfobject.1-1-1.min.js doesn’t work in htmlexe, I don’t know why. You can find the js source here: http://jquery.thewikies.com/swfobject/. To solve it I changed the js and used the parent one: http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/

  2. Absolute url %url%. works! No dependencies used.

Thank you!

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