Major release XLS Padlock 2019 - March 8th, 2019

:mega: Major release XLS Padlock 2019

Our Excel protection software has been updated with plenty of new features: better Excel 2019 support, faster formula protection, and much more. Start protecting your VBA code, Excel formulas and selling your Excel workbooks. Upgrade is strongly recommended for registered users with an active maintenance.

What’s new in 2019

  • Full support for Excel 2019 and recent Office 365 releases.
  • New formula protection system that does not use Excel automation: XLS Padlock is now blazing fast for generating protected workbook applications, especially for workbooks with dozens of formulas to protect.
  • The new Office 365’s Share and Home buttons are now disabled in secure applications.
  • New command line switch -enterkey to let end users enter a new activation key and replace an existing one.
  • New feature: you can now configure Excel’s main window display at startup (in Customize EXE page).
  • It is now possible to hide Excel’s main window at startup, useful for displaying VBA forms only (see user guide).
  • New compilation log: after compilation, you are given the option to show the compilation log. It is especially useful for reviewing compilation errors such as code signing errors detected by XLS Padlock.
  • Improved locking of VBA project. Moreover, XLS Padlock can also lock VBA projects in encrypted workbooks.
  • %SAVEFILENAME% will now only show the current save’s filename while %SAVEFULLNAME% will show the full path in Excel’s title bar.
  • You can now specify which custom fields are required for registration dialog boxes (online activation).
  • Excel.EXE code signing certificate is now verified.
  • Secure applications will refuse to run in elevated mode (unless you allow it in “Advanced Options”).
  • New button to generate a random Application Master Key.
  • Improved detection of Excel.EXE on computers.
  • Universal mode: EXE filenames are no more random for better compatibility with some firewalls.
  • Universal mode: fixed random loading error in 32-bit EXE files that contain Excel password-encrypted workbooks.
  • New German translation.
  • The splash screen is now hidden when other dialog boxes are displayed (such as loading an XSLC save file).
  • Fixed: “cell copy and cut to clipboard” was not properly disabled in recent Office 365 versions.
  • A combobox lets you choose an existing translation file directly.
  • EXE product and file versions are now checked against valid format (X.X.X.X).
  • Minor improvements.
  • Updated user guide.

XLS Padlock is software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE). A lot of security options and customization possibilities. Learn more about our Excel workbook protection software.

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