McAfee thinks output of 4.9 has a Trojan

Bad news: When I compiled under 4.9, McAfee immediately quarantined the .exe, thinking it contained a Trojan. However, when I keep the runtime module separate, all is well.

For version 4.9, we modified the overhead of EXE files so it will take some time again for some antivirus companies to fix their antivirus. We already contacted all companies that trigger false positive, including McAfee.
Some companies such as F-Secure are prompt to answer and fix the problem. Others seem not to bother about false positives but we keep contacting them. It should be a matter of days.

In the meanwhile, you can also contact McAfee by submitting your EXE file for whitelisting: email file (encrypted - see below) to: [email protected] and make the header of the email start with the word FALSE - for example FALSE: In-house file being detected by McAfee
When submitting samples via email, you must archive them in a password-protected Zip file with the password “infected” (all lowercase).

Forgot important point: be sure to disable antivirus programs when building EXE files. Otherwise, they can have this false positive behavior.