MCrypt for PHP 7.2

I know that PHP 7.2 dropped support for the old MCrypt. But, wondering if you would consider adding it into PHP 7.2 when EXEOut 2018 is released?

Did a test on local server running 7.2 using this info and worked fine:

Not sure about others, but have many projects depending on mcrypt and like to use PHP 7.2

OR, maybe you could provide instructions how to do it our self?


That will not be possible because there is no Windows release of this extension for PHP 7.2. Switch to PHP 7.1 in ExeOutput if you can’t upgrade your project to work with the new libsodium replacement.

Okie dokie. But mcrypt has not been updated in long time and worked on PHP 7.1. My test server is windows based and mycrypt works fine on 7.2.

But can understand you not wanting to mess with.

Thanks anyway.

What test server do you use? A WAMP package? Maybe they have the necessary updated DLL extension. If you have the DLL extension file, that would be great.

Windows Server 2012 on HP ProLiant IT MicroServer. Use it for Windows dev. Since I am not the tech guru (husband is) will have to ask details. All I know is seems to work. He will be back from business trip later next week.

Just a follow up and have doubts that you really care, lol. But thought I would throw this out since I asked the husband how he did it:

Have no clue what he means by"

I used the phpseclib/mcrypt_compat shim: 
composer require phpseclib/mcrypt_compat:*

Anyway, will use our old method of building software so can continue to support existing apps without completely redoing them for libsodium


The link you sent is a companion for mcrypt. However, it’s not a link to the mcrypt extension DLL file built for PHP 7.2. We haven’t found a build of this DLL file yet. Without it, it’s not possible to offer mcrypt for PHP 7.2 on Windows.

It is ok @gdgsupport . I understand and best to keep old out dated DLL’s out of 7.2

I honestly have no clue how my husband has mycrypt working with 7.2 but he does. Will just use 7.1 or convert when time permits.

I thank you for at least listening: )