Method to Get Computer Information... Ram, Processor etc?

Is there a way with PHP or a custom script with exeOutput that would allow me to display the

  1. System memory of the Host Computer
  2. The Processor of the Host Computer
  3. The HD Storage Capacity and Available Space of the Host Computer
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Not trying to hijack your thread, but this is a very good question and one I have interest in.

Like to learn how to get “MAC” address also.


Someone wrote a class for getting some system info. Maybe you can use it?

Thanks for the suggestion. This Class seems to work a bit. The Ram it reports seems to be wrong though.

I am running a system with 16GB Ram installed, but it only reports:

2048MB (2GB) Total and 1330MB (1.3GB)

In php use the following code

foreach($_SERVER as $result){
echo $result;

If you want to know each $_SERVER code then use :

foreach($_SERVER as $k => $url){
echo $k. “=>” .$url;

To separate each result use the br code …

Maybe it’s because the EXE is 32-bit? But that’s surprising. Check the doc if any of the class or contact its author.