Microsoft Edge Kiosk Mode

Wondering if there will be consideration for supporting another IE (edge) implementation into EXEOut in future?

With the ability to run extensions and closely interface with Windows, can but think would be better experience for end users. I have been playing around with the kiosk mode and really like what I see.

Configure Microsoft Edge kiosk mode | Microsoft Docs

ExeOutput itself already has a kiosk mode. You can enable it here by using these options:

Main Window:

I was speaking of the new edge chromium version. Like way back in V2, could choose between chromium or IE.

Only asking because of the tight integration that Edge has with Windows 10.

I guess it really does not matter one way or another, just listening to a group of students and they gave me an idea:)

Yes, we are testing the new Edge/Chomium and the WebView2 control they provide. It’s still in preview but it’s promising.

Wonderful news! Hope it progresses well. I have been very impressed with the DEV version. Makes using UWP very interesting :slight_smile:

If you need a beta tester later on, hit me up…

Any progress on this?

I am having to use other dev programs to work with Windows Edge kiosk mode. Real pain to use Microsoft products and hoping for an progress update (if any).

Our plans are to integrate WebView2 first to HTMLEXE and then ExeOutput. The WebView2 control is still lacking some features we need to have a full implementation as for Chromium and PHP. HTMLEXE does not need all of the WebView2 features as ExeOutput.

Understood. Lots of new stuff that needs dev study. As always, if you need an outsider to test, I am good at breaking things and finding bugs:)

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Any status update on this?

HTMLEXE 2021 will come very soon with Chromium support. Then, research will continue on Edge Webview.

Ok, thanks, but I am not interested in HTMLEXE. My main focus here is EXEOUT.

Any progress at all on EXEOut? To an end user it appears there is no progress.

We started experiments with the WebView2 but we have some trouble for playing large video files.

OK, thanks.