Minimising exe size


We are hoping to package some html5 canvas apps into exe files - we don’t need php, or node, or anything really - just a html5 canvas, mp3, and js file.

Index.html, sounds.mp3, main.js

Is there a way to package these files into a smaller portable exe file then 50mb?

Out of the many html to exe compilers we’ve tried - yours seems to be the easiest to use, and beats using electron!

Thanks so much.

Thank you. That’s our goal of HTML Executable:
The next major release will also include the Chromium engine but EXE files will also have the same 30-40 MB due to the Chromium engine itself.
HTMLEXE produces smaller EXE files by relying on the Trident engine that ships with Windows and runs Internet Explorer and HTML Help for instance.


Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately - htmlexe didn’t run our html5 canvas game - I don’t know if that’s because the engine doesn’t support canvas or audio?

Should htmlexe allow html5 canvas to work?

Is there an option to “stay on top” of other windows?

Many thanks.

yes, it is enabled by default.

Sure, in the Main Window options.