Multiple Registered Users

Currently, the registration and variables are saved under the user that it was installed. What if you had two or three users, using the same program on the same machine? Is the following possible?

  1. System variables and registration info under all users and user variables, preferences, etc under the user that is logged in.
  2. Everything that works the way it is now would be saved under the System, All Users instead of the logged in user.
  3. A user variable, if specified, would be saved under the logged in user such as user.var1, user.var2, something equivalent when specifying a HEscript function or procedure, UserMain.OnPubLoaded.

Not all companies have dedicated machines for every user.


By default, registration information is saved in the registry for the current user. It could be possible to copy this registry information to other users, provided that they are on the same machine.

Another idea: you could make a portable application and save it in the C:\ProgramData folder for instance.
The portable application will save its settings including license details in the same folder as the EXE. Thus, it can be shared by users on the same machine.

Yes, I was referring to more than one user on the same machine. Sorry, I assumed the registration info was stored in the same folder as the variables are stored. The main idea, is each user could have their own preference settings on a user level, window location and any data that is used by that user only. I was referring to system level settings that would be stored in the All User area and would be the same for all users such as variables that control the internal workings of the program.

For instance, you install your program on one machine and the registration info would be recgonized by all users. Their personal variables would be stored under their individual profile. The portable idea would not work because, each user would have access to the same data and variables and the last user would overwrite certain variables or data that were set by the last user.

I hope, Im a little more clearer on what I’m looking for, if possible.


Just an additional note. What I’m trying to do is have the software registered by the machine and not by the user, so that anyone that logs on has registered access and their settings are separate from other users.


There will be administrative problems if we store registry info for the machine and not for the user. So we’ll have to deal with the UAC feature of Windows. For an installer, it’s ok. But for a publication, it will raise complications for the end user.

You could also create a batch or a program that installs the necessary registry information for each user at Windows logon. If you need to know where to save that information, please contact me by PM.

Actually, It would have an installer version, because of additional files that would be needed and to make sure they are placed in the right folders. I had failed to mention that part. I wouldn’t expect this capability in just distributing an EXE file.

I appreciate the feedback on this matter.