My videos no longer work under HTML Executable 2023 Beta 2

While trying out HTML Executable 2023 Beta 1, I compiled my application, which used encrypted WEBM video files. The compiled application worked reliably. However, once I upgraded to Beta 2 and recompiled it, I received the following error message:

This video can’t be played in this browser. Try using a different browser.

I initially used “WebView2 (Microsoft Edge engine)” as my rendering engine, but also switched to “Latest CEF (Chromium V109.1.18)”. In either case, the same error message would appear.

Are there some other settings that I now must consider before compiling?

PS: I’m using Windows 10 on a Dell M4800 with 32 GB of memory and a 2 TB SSD.

Today, I tried to work around the error below:

*This video can’t be played in this browser. Try using a different browser.*

What I did was change to “CEF V109 with MP4 support (requires MP4 patent licensing)” and attempted a re-compile. Before the compilation was completed, I received the following error message:

*The necessary HERun.dat runtime file was not found in the expected folder.*

I am wondering why I receive these browser-related errors in Beta 2 but not in Beta 1.

CEF does not come with MP4 licensed codecs such as H264. In that case, you must stay with WEBM and free open-source codecs. It’s also possible to use MP4 video in CEF with free AV1 video codec and MP3 as audio codec.
Or you can either switch to WebView2 and/or CEF with MP4 (H264 support). However, the CEF with MP4 (H264 support) files will be made available upon request when HTMLEXE final is available. If you want them now, please send us a PM or email.

Thanks for the reply. However, as you can see from my initial post, the problem I am having is with WEBM files that previously worked with Beta 1. I’ve tried both “WebView2 (Microsoft Edge engine)” and “Latest CEF (Chromium V109.1.18)” engines without success. Under Beta 2, I received the error message below:

This video can’t be played in this browser. Try using a different browser.

That error message never happened with 2023 Beta 1.

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Okay, for the time being, I will roll back to 2023 Beta 1, which worked reliably with my videos. When a newer Beta release becomes available, I will consider it.


We release Beta 2b which fixes the external video bug. Please try this new Beta 2. Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you, Beta 2b resolved the problem. :+1:

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Thank you for the confirmation!