#NAME? error after compiling

I am receiving a #NAME? error in several formula fields after compiling my spreadsheet.

I do not have any errors on my original spreadsheet.

I am running Windows 10, Excel 2016, and XLS Padlock 2020.1.

Edited to say: I removed all of the Formula Protection in XLS Padlock and that fixed the problem, but that is not ideal. I want to protect some of my formulas.

I noticed in the manual that using “Hidden” under the Protection Tab can cause problems. That is also not ideal, especially if I can’t protect all of my formulas due to the number and types of formulas I am using. Since some of my formulas are very long and complicated XLS Padlock will not protect them, so I want them hidden. But these formulas are sometimes dependencies for ones that I do want to protect.

How can I work around this?

If you use the Hidden attribute, Excel won’t let XLS Padlock access formulas of dependency cells.
That’s the reason.
You can protect formulas that do not have hidden dependencies with XLS Padlock, or use the Hidden attribute for all of them as a last resort.

Ok. I will figure something out.

Does that mean that dependence on hidden sheets will not work, or just hidden formulas?

Normally just hidden formulas (unsure for very hidden worksheets though).

Ok. I have several Very Hidden sheets, so I made all of the formulas not hidden on those just to be sure.

Last question…I went into the cells that I was trying to protect and did Trace Dependencies to see which cells needed to be unhidden. Do I also need to make sure any cells in the actual formula are not hidden?

Only for cells that have dependencies.

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