Need to allow users to select a custom folder to store data created by my app

Hello guys, does anyone know if it is possible to have a user select a custom location to store data generated by an application?

For example, the app can be installed in the usual in program files folder on a desktop/laptop machine as expected, that’s fine, but I need the user to be able to specify a separate location to store the actual data it generates on a separate drive. (ie. I don’t want it stored in the regular AppData folder on the C drive where Windows resides)

To elaborate, data is currently stored here:

C:\Documents and Settings\K\AppData\Local\ExeOutput\UserApplication{21FE3606-B80D-48F5-91C7-087755E2F39B}

I need users of my app to be able to specify a location like:


Is this currently possible?

No, because we must use a folder that is always accessible. You can customize the “ExeOutput\UserApplication{21FE3606-B80D-48F5-91C7-087755E2F39B}” part in ExeOutput, but you can’t specify absolute folders.