New folder blob_storage

Updated to 2018.2

Recompiled a couple of projects compiled with 2018.1 and nothing was changed within the projects, just recompiled.

Now in the folder where EXE is located, there is a new folder created called "blob_storage. Within that folder is another folder “84189faf-bc06-4fb5-9544-6001ecd477fd” which is empty.

Why is this happening with 2018.2?


On my side, there is nothing like a new folder call “blob_storage” with 2018.2 recompilation of my projects.
Are you using the blob variable in your database ?

Ok, I see what your mean but what is strange is that this folder appear in the same folder that your .exe file.

Look in the Application Output section, in Deployment option where it says:

Use a custom name for the storage folder.

Yes, that is what I was talking about.

I always use custom storage folders.

Nothing changed on my side except updating to 2018.2.

This is a “new” folder managed by the updated Chromium engine. It’s in the app local storage folder with all other local files required by the Chromium engine to work.

Ok. Will it always live in same folder as EXE or can it be changed? Like maybe into the custom folder name (if used)?


Normally it is not created in the same folder as the EXE. It is created in the custom storage folder. Or maybe you chose to output your EXE file in that folder?

Not sure I understand what you mean…

My exe is not set to be compiled in the custom folder if that is what you mean.

I have the output folder for exe in my project “software” folder. Then the custom folder is simply named “mathadvanced” and that of course is the user’s local folder.

So, to be sure, you saw a “blob_storage” folder in the output folder for exe in your project “software” folder.

"Now in the folder where EXE is located, there is a new folder created called “blob_storage. Within that folder is another folder “84189faf-bc06-4fb5-9544-6001ecd477fd” which is empty.”

Yes, the folder blob_storage" is being created in same folder as EXE.

Delete it and returns when software is ran again. Never has any content.

Did you enable that option?

Yes, it was enabled in 2018.1 and did not create the blob folder.

UPDATE: I can confirm that unchecking disable local cache prevents the blob folder from being created. Tested on an older project which did not matter if checked or not.

Unfortunately some of my projects require. Not sure what will happen if the EXE is in a folder that is not writable though?

We found out that it’s a bug in the CEF. Been reported to the maintainer.
Tomorrow, ExeOutput 2018.3 will also be released with an updated CEF and we could not get the blob folder even if the option was checked. Maybe it has been fixed although this is not mentioned in the changelog.

THANK YOU for followup!