New XLS Packlock version distorts logo/.ico displayed

Hi -

I just downloaded the latest version (the previous version I used was [Version 2019.1]). When I create my .exe and associate the .ico file for the logo, it 1 - makes the logo look very small (about 1/3 of the size of other desktop icons) and 2 - leaves a small picture outline even though the logo is on a transparent background. Picture below. This is the same .ico file I’ve used in the past and never had any issues previously. Also tried a new one with the same results. 3 - If I try a new one with the size 256x256, it kicks out an error saying “excel will not be able to handle file correctly”.

Does somebody know the solution to this? I can’t use this for my product since it looks so lousy!



Can you send us your .ICO file for review?

thanks for the reply. It turned out to be an issue with viewing the icon through remote desktop. Everything looked ok when looking at it not through it.

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Really interesting fact! Thanks for sharing the reason with us.