No input file specified. ?!

Hi there,

I am only at the start of my project, and the pages are VERY basic with no real workings yet. Just basic layout. I have a link from index page to “page2.php” which is only a skeleton, and I am getting an error:

No input file specified.

Am I doing something stupidly wrong ? The pages work fine on XAMPP.

Page 1 link: <a href="page2.php" target="_self">Page 2 </a>

“page2.php” exists and is in the same folder.

Many thanks,


Really busy today and cannot devote much time to help, but have you used the files/update button after adding files and recompiling?


Ah - I didn’t realise I had to add new files manually. Thought it would have picked that up itself. Oh well !!

Thanks very much :slightly_smiling_face:

If I recall correctly, there is a setting for the software to do this automatically.