October 31th, 2023: Minor release for our WooCommerce Integration Kit – version 2023-1

Our WooCommerce Integration Kit has received an update to fully support PHP 8.2, along with compatibility for the most recent WooCommerce and WordPress versions. An issue concerning subscription validation has been addressed, and the documentation has been expanded to include further guidance.

We recommend all registered XLS Padlock users update their installations. This kit is available for free to all XLS Padlock registered users. You can download it from the usual address dedicated to registered users.

This kit provides secure remote access capabilities for Excel workbooks, offering various features such as:

  • Flexible subscription options for users, including monthly, yearly, or lifetime access.
  • Complete control over web server and customer data, maintaining the integrity of the distribution process.
  • Anti-piracy measures through online activation, ensuring workbook access is limited to authorized users only​.

The updated WooCommerce Integration Kit 2023-1 manual in PDF is also publicly available.

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