Offline protection


I have a question about Offline protection.

A part of my target audience is a community without Internet or email, and I want to sell them eBooks on CDs.
Is it possible to protect that content with your software?
Is there a way to also skip the need for phone activation?
Is there a possibility to attach to each CD a type of serial number, which will bind the current disk to the first computer activated?

Thank you very much for your time.

Since CD are read-only, you can’t bind a disk to the first computer activated without an internet connection, because the program will not have a way to “remember” on which machine(s) it was activated.
You won’t be able to use hardware-locking protection features without some way to retrieve the unique system ID of a computer to generate the activation code.

Is it possible for me to lock my App to a customized Flash disk and at the same time get MAC ID of the first PC it is used on

Yes, you can do this (portable publications: but it will require scripting with HEScript.

To get a computer ID, use the HEScript function: function GetManualHardwareID(method: integer): String;