Online Validation


is it possible to validate a License only if a active internet connection is available? If there is no Internet connection, the workbook should be accessable, and the license should be checkt the next time if a Internet connection is present.

I woild need such a feature…



My two cents: … then you open the gate for someone to bypass your security. That was (is) exactly happening to Bluebeam Revu.

At the moment I have no Validation because my Software is used in laboratory Environments where no Internet connection is allowed… This is no Security issue for me because the Software is still protected by HardwareID keys and online activation… My idea is, that the activation is online via Hardware locked key (this works and is implemented) It would be nice if the key is beeing checkt, the next Time the User Starts the Programm with a active Internet Connection…

Sure, we’ll add the option although nothing prevent users from blocking the Internet connection with a firewall, and thus no validation will never occur. However, in a controlled environment, it will work.

Thank you, when can we expect the update?



The update is coming soon, we can’t give us an exact date because we’re still adding some requests.

The requested option is available in XLS Padlock 2018. Please upgrade.