OnPHPErrorMessage DialogBox


this is what iam trying to do:

when an error is returned by the PHP runtime, show a dialog box with a form inside, inside the form the error will be displayed
this form will be send … bla bla bla
i have tryed adding a new dialog page, but its seem im not allowed or invalid file, even when i create a copy of the original (About Dialog Box)

any ideas ?

You are trying to make a custom dialog box? This will not be an easy task, but look for the “CustomDialogs” subfolder of ExeOutput. Maybe this will help you to start.

Its seems i dont have a “CustomDialogs” folder, this folder does not exist
Exeoutput is installed by default in "C:\Program Files\ExeOutput for PHP"
where should this folder be located, and what extentions do i have to use ?

still waiting for a reply…

I forgot that this feature (custom dialog box) is not available in ExeOutput, but in HTMLExe.
However, I’ll keep your idea about redirecting end users to a form where they can post the problem.

can i use something like

< show some form>

You can try to write an HEScript command (using the GotoPage macro) that redirects to a custom error page for instance.