Opening help crashes software

Simply clicking help button in V2 causes above issue. Happens on desktop and secondary touchscreen. Both Win 10.

Attempting to send crash report tries to open outlook which I do not use. Do not even have outlook set as default mail handler…

Do you have HTML Executable installed on your computer?

Sorry for no reply. I no longer get emails telling me there are replies. Use to, but no longer. Yes, have checked spam box:slight_smile:

I do not own HTML Exe, so no it is not installed on my system.

And so do you still get this problem with ExeOutput 2.1?

Thanks for reply.

To be honest, have not tried it again in some time on 2.1. Gave up since the about box comes up blank 50% of the time (still happening on 2.1). It may show content if opening again or it may not.

Try it again on next project.