Opening link to .zip or .xls (SOLVED)

in the compiled .exe clicking a link to a zip file and sometimes also an xls file (excel) fails with the warning “unable to download …zip from heserver, unable to open this internet site…” , and sometimes the application crashes.

Urgent help much appreciated!

Post your code in the way you are accessing the files. It sounds like you are linking the files directly, which would have the same affect from a webpage, which would try and download them from the server. Are the files embedded in your project as well?


Try the _heopenit paramater as described here:

[quote]heopenit can be used for any document file like executable program files, text files, Microsoft Office® files, etc…
Open this Word document[/quote]
This can work with Zip files too.

Thanks, I’ll try the _heopenit parameter and report back. I am accessing the files locally within a subdirectory of the publication root, the site and file links work fine as an offline website, only when compiled into the .exe . I think the zip is picked up by htmlexe before compilation as I can see it in the filemaganer view of htmlexecutable below is an example of the link. But I will test with _heopenit and let you know how I go, thanks!

<a href="chap2/">Moly-Cop Tools</a>

Thank you, the target="_heopenit" attribute solved the issues I was having.