Padlock does not install

I downloaded XLS Padlock, but it indicated that it installed, but did not show up on my Programs.
The Icon was on my Excel ribbon, and went through the motions of compiling, but did not.

Try to run XLS Padlock Manager (shortcut on your desktop) and verify that the two first LEDs are green.

I tried that. When file is “compiled”, it remains basically the same. All formulas, etc. are shown & it operates just the same.
I am running Excel 2016, 32 bit, my computer is 64 bit. Could that be the problem?

But I don’t understand your problem: to compile the workbook, XLS Padlock should appear in the Excel ribbon. Is it the case?

Yes, it does.
And I use it, & it still does not change the file

The XLS Padlock appears on the Excel ribbon, but when I click to compile, it goes through the motions
as if it is compiling, but the file remains an Excel workbook, with an “Application” extension.

Have you given up on me?
I am interested in obtaining XLS Padlock, but I can’t get the sample to work

If I understand correctly, you do not have an EXE file where it should appear?
What value do you have here: