PADLock (save in the original excel file):

After the complie the excel file to “Padlock exe” file, I cannot save the updated data in the original excel data in the padlock exe.
Can I save the excel in the oringinal file after change?
or I must need to save as to a new file? many thanks!

You should be able to save your changes if you enable that feature in XLS Padlock.


From the guide at

→ If you enable this option, your users will be able to modify your
workbook and save the changes. To save changes, end users can click
the usual Save button or use “File => Save” menu. The “Save As”
dialog box will appear, asking end users where they want to save a
secure copy of the workbook:
Your compiled workbook with changes made by your customers will be
securely stored at the location specified by the customer in a file.
This file is given the extension .XLSC and can’t be opened without
running the compiled workbook again. The next time they run your
application, customers will have the choice to open your original
workbook or to open a version they have saved, the last one, or a
previous one (“Choose Save”).

May I only save and replace the original file(Not save as/create a new file)??
Many thanks!

I also am curious about this question