Page you requested is not available offline

I have noticed while testing my publication on a computer running windows XP that immediately following disappearance of the splash screen, an error message is displayed saying that the page you requested is not available offline and asks me to get connected. If i say no, the publication is opened, however the home page is not displayed but rather the IE error page stating that the page you requested is unavailable offline.

I have never noticed this error in windows vista or windows 7. One of my end user using windows XP also reported this.

The home page is a local PDF page and not a page that must be grabbed from the internet.

Any explanation for this
you can download the publication from the following link:

Also have the look at the splash screen, when it appears it is first shown a blank grey area, then the splash screen is displayed, Any explanation for this

I have attached the screen jpg file to have a look

The splash screen can display a grey area while decoding the JPEG image: this is the normal behavior.

Regarding the PDF page, try an HTML Viewer publication to display a PDF with Adobe Reader.