Password Protection Options - SOLVED

Concerning the “Global Password” protection feature…

User opens software and does not have a password. Maybe they enter incorrect password or click “Cancel”. Is there a way to send user to a page where they can obtain a password by opening their default browser?

Or maybe display a single page within the EXE where they can optin to get the password?

Thanks in advance for input.

You could try something like this:

Go to the Script Manager, double click on “UserMain” and copy/paste this script in the OnPubLoaded function event:

function OnPubLoaded: Boolean;
var S: String;
// Prompts the user:
S := InputBox("Welcome!"#13#10"Please enter the password:", "Password", "");
if S <> "mysecretpass" then // Change pass !!
 // Start the browser and quit
 OpenFile("", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL); 
 Result := True; exit;
// When the publication is starting and before the homepage is displayed.
// Set Result to True if you want to exit immediately without any warning.
Result := False;

Thank you! That is something like looking for and will do the trick.

Sure wish I could get a grasp on the scripting, very power feature. For some reason my ole brain cannot soak it in:) Wish there was someplace with working examples to learn from…

Thanks again,